faculty related to registration

A:After the registration society, registration is completed.
A:Because information of a registration number and the registration branch is listed in a setting window of Smajpb, please confirm it.
A:Please change the smartphone to the latest version. In addition, the Galapagos cell-phone becomes outside a service object. please note that.
A:You can work after registration immediately. In the case of hope working for the today or the next day, please tell at the time of a personal interview.
A:Only for delivery by hand is coped. I would like preparation in the your name of Bank account.

faculty related to work

A:You can. In the case of hope working, please contact the registration branch
A:You can cancel it before adoption communication. Please contact the registration branch after adoption.
A:Of Joblist of Smajob is going to begin work, and there is mention of the way to the workplace, Please confirm it.
A:Please come to the branch to take it. Or because there is a format in our HP, please print it, and, please prepare.
A:Please contact the registration branch over a telephone as soon as possible.
A:There is the limit by the work spot, but there is the work spot that can just begin work. Because recruiting contents have a mention, please confirm it. (the mustache and nails is also the same)
A:When irregular (including thing loss, the injury) including ill health defectiveness occurs, please contact the registration branch.
A:It varies according to work. When you apply, please confirm recruiting contents.
A:The car commuting comes to need documents presentation. The parking lot varies according to the work spot, please identify recruiting contents.
A:We update the recruiting contents of Smajob at any time. Please check on that.
A:Please contact the registration branch becouse you are already decided work or guidance of the work becomes difficult by absence
A:We cope from the thing which is close to a weekday at any time sequentially.In addition, wait because an adoption or rejection result arrives by the day before a day of work. In the case of rejection, please apply for other work some other time.
A:Please confirm a member by the roll call email that arrived on the day before, and, please report the roll call situation to the registration branch at wait time.
A:Because a message of Smajob introduces it, please confirm the work except the work of the daily unit.
A:Please confirm a wait place in Smajob again . Please contact the registration branch if there are a mistake at wait time.
A:Have the person in charge fill in a dispatch management vote or a time sheet with diligence and indolence time.
A:Because I may let you take it as absence, and the substituted staff reach work, prevent you from forgetting it.

faculty related to salary

A:About the schedule of paying, please confirm the page about "About the salary" of our HP. In addition, the salary is not performed transfer of automatically. When you want a salary receipt by the transfer, I would like transfer application from our application "Smajob". Still, the transfer application from "Smajob" is unnecessary when you want a receipt by the cash delivery by hand at the branch.
A:A receipt becomes possible at every branches. Because time and days are different, please be careful every branch.
A:Please attach a bankbook or the photograph of the bank card, and send an email to the registration branch.
A:Because money received time varies according to a bank, please confirm it again. Or It become a target of the next transfer day when transfer application is over time on the deadline.
A:Please apply to an address for exclusive use of the transfer.Please confirm the method than NEWS.
A:The receipt right becomes extinct in two years. Please do settlement in this month basically.
A:Time is fixed at a day of the delivery by hand, but I hand the share on that day and am possible if it is the designated date and time.
A:Please contact the registration branch.
A:We recommend a monthly installment without the transfer application. But, only in the case of the spot of the dispatch management vote, You have a report of the diligence and indolence separately.
A:Please mail it to the registration branch. After confirmation, We transfer it.


A:We can introduce you once at all branches if you can register. We have you report a new address and am changed for an introduction from the neighborhood Branch.
A:Please contact the registration branch. We resign and file after confirming three points.
①There is not the duty plan of the future work ②There is not the salary of non-settlement ③The withholding slip is not issued or necessary