About a salary

Receipt method

We start that the industry's first "Immediate payment 24 hours service of the our company"

We agreed by utilizing real-time transfer service of Bank.
You can apply for job hunting and the work through smartphone application "Smajob", And we accept the transfer request of the salary that acted for 365 days for 24 hours and provide service to transfer to the Bank account within two hours after a request on that day.
There were the transfer two days later and transportation expenses and movement time,
the waiting time to the branch after 2-3 times a week of delivery by hand and operation at each branch, but a cash drawer is just enabled in the shopping by the bank card with the debit in future on the same day for 24 hours and will improve convenience of the staff.

It is contact details about paying by the payment service immediately.


( Open all year round )

bank transfer

Immediate payment 24 hours service of the our company

It is money received within a few hours.

  • It is a service of Seven bank account registered members only.
  • ※The combination with the delivery by hand is possible.

weekly payment

Finish closing it on Monday at 14:00 → It is money received the next day on Tuesday.
Finish closing it on Thursday at 14:00 → It is money received the next day on Friday.

  • ※We cope other than JA bank
  • ※The combination with the day payment is possible. With the monthly installments cannot use it together.
  • ※There is a case varying in a schedule when the date of payment is a holiday

monthly installments

Close at month-end → the 10th of the following month.

  • ※We cope other than JA bank
  • ※You cannot use the day payment, week payment, monthly installment together.
  • ※In the case of a festival day, money received day is the previous business day on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

delivery by hand

Northern Japan branch store
Sapporo branch Mon・Thu 16:00~19:00
Sendai branch Mon・Thu 17:00~19:00
Shinjuku branch Mon・Wed・Fri 16:00~19:00  
Tachikawa branch Wed・Fri 17:00~19:00
Omiya branch Mon・Wed・Fri 16:00~19:00
Kawagoe Office Wed 16:00~18:00
Koga branch Tue・Thu 17:00~19:00
Yokohama branch Mon・Thu 17:00~19:00
Machida branch Wed・Fri 17:00~19:00
Honatsugi branch Mon・Thu 17:00~19:00
Kashiwa branch Tue・Thu 17:00~19:00
Funabashi branch Tue・Fri 17:00~19:00
Chubu branch store
Nagoya branch Tue・Fri 16:00~19:00
Ichinomiya branch Thu 14:00~18:00
Kansai branch store
Umeda Branch Mon・Wed・Fri 16:00~19:00
Namba branch Tue・Thu 16:00~19:00
Sannomiya branch Tue・Thu 16:00~19:00
Kyoto branch Mon・Thu 17:00~19:00
Okayama branch Mon・Wed 17:00~19:00
Hiroshima branch Mon・Wed・Fri 17:00~19:00
Fukuoka branch Mon・Wed・Fri 17:00~19:00
Kitakyushu branch Tue・Thu 17:00~19:00
Kurume branch Tue・Thu 17:00~19:00
Kashii branch Tue・Thu 17:00~19:00
Okinawa branch Mon・Thu 16:00~19:00
  • ※You can receive salary at all bases of the whole country.
  • Signature stamp(※self-inking stamp is prohibited) and a dispatch management vote are necessary for the receipt of the salary as a belonging

Contact details contact details


( Open all year round )