President message

This time thank you very much for examining the business with us from the talented person service company which is a number.

I continue doing a challenge (TRY) for matchmaking (EN) of EN + TRY = person and the work in "ENTRY" of the company name.
It is the proof that the number of our matchmaking contributed to the world and loads a company name with thought to be our corporate value.

Translate "ENTRY" literally,
It be enter and register and participate when they translate ENTRY, but some our interpretation are different.

The word begins to change when I add "EN" to an English word.

For example, I turn into and "it is with ENJOY" word (enjoy) when I add "EN" to the word "JOY" (pleasure).

When add "EN" to the word "TRY" (trial, effort); we "ENTRY" = (challenge!) I replace it with the word.

The student has you find an occupation, the work that matched oneself through a works tile called our talented person dispatch and Temp to Perm to challenge the new society.
You experience it through various work and choose it.

The job-hopping part-timer tastes a failure until now and does not know an occupation, the work that really matched oneself although I found a job once.

I find that it is possible by oneself at the time when I became vacant while sending busy days by child care or housework, and the part-time one challenges coexistence of housework and the work.

You make use of conventional experience, and the senior challenges that oneself can do it still more.

And We
"EN" + "TRY" = [I continue doing challenge (TRY) in matchmaking (EN) of a person and the work]

Each challenge(ENTRY)―――― 
I put such thought in a company name.

president and representative director
Jun Teramoto