Information about the worker dispatch business

I disclose information about the situation of our worker dispatch business based on Temporary Staffing Services Law 23rd Clause 5.

The margin rate becomes the ratio of amount of money except the wage of the dispatched worker from a worker dispatch rate and calculates it in the following calculating formulas

Margin rate = (Mean sum of the worker dispatch rate - Mean sum of the dispatched worker wage) / Mean sum of the worker dispatch rate

About an expense necessary for business administration

The expense necessary for the business administration of the dispatch company goes as follows.

  • Wage of the dispatched worker
  • Leave with pay expense of the dispatched worker
  • Social premium of the dispatched worker
    ※As for the social insurance of the dispatched worker, the dispatch company which is an employer burden about half
  • In addition, it is with the expense that a job offer, advertising cost, educational expenses, welfare expense, development, the maintenance cost of the system, the budget of the office, the personnel expenses of the employee on the recruitment of dispatched workers are necessary for business administration