About principle prohibition of the daily employment dispatch

By Temporary Staffing Services Law revision of 2012,
short-term dispatch with less than 31 days in work contract period was prohibited in principle.

Exception requirements of the principle prohibition of the daily employment dispatch

[1] When you am older than 60 years old at the present.
[2] When it is the student of the school (including a special vocational school, the vocational school) of the School Education Act or a student (except people of attendance at school of the ※ part-time schooling system course)
[3] When the annual income of own is more than 5 million.
[4] When the totals of the annual income of the family who shares living are more than 5 million (with the income of own less than half)
The staff that operation by the dispatch is hoped for in daily employment dispatch corresponding to an exception of the principle prohibition in us in a within short term on less than 31days has you show the following confirmation documents at the time of registration.
[1] (60 years old or older) <What can prove the age>
Driver's license, health insurance card, resident's card, pension notebook, passport
[2] (student or student) Can prove student or student: student card
[3] (annual income 5,000,000 More than yen) <Thing which can prove the annual income of last year>
Withholding slip, income certificate
[4] (over 5 million household income) <Thing which can prove the annual income of last year>
Withholding slip, income certificate, notes of final income tax return, payslip, pension payment, payment letter of advice(with the income of own less than half) of the country including granting an unemployment allowance, childcare leave allowance, the children's allowance
When you cannot prepare confirmation documents

When confirmation documents having you show it by registration by circumstances not to get to stop cannot prepare, I have you sign "confirmation, the written oath about the exception"
In addition, of confirmation documents when is not ready, ask about the reason, and, please do the presentation later. (I confirm requirements [2], [3], [4] together with the year.)

"The duties that duties of the dispatch were admitted by the rule of the law"

Operation by the daily employment dispatch is possible even if you do not meet "exception requirements" about the following duties.

Duties demonstration of software development, an investigation, research and development, a machine design, financial affairs, a plan, the drafting of the enforcement system of the business, apparatus operation for office work, business documentation, production, the editing interpreters such as books, translation or the shorthand, advertisement design, secretary, conducting tour,OA instruction, filing, reception desk, guidance, business of the sales engineer, financial business